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BASE Camp Children's Cancer foundation is always seeking donations from community partners at restaurants. By partnering with local restaurants, BASE Camp is able to provide meals to children and their families during their hospital stay, bringing a sense of normalcy and comfort during a difficult time. These donations not only help support the families by alleviating the financial burden of purchasing meals, but also contribute to the overall well-being and recovery of the children. 

BASE Camp also seeks restaurant donors to help support our Day Center programs such as Parent's Night Out, Summer Camp, and Support Groups. These programs are essential for providing a supportive and nurturing environment for children and their families outside of the hospital setting. Parent's Night Out is a program that offers parents a much-needed break, allowing them to relax and recharge knowing their children are in a safe and stimulating environment. Summer Camp provides an opportunity for children to engage in fun activities and create lasting memories with peers who understand their experiences.


If you would are a Restaurant Donor and are interested in donating meals for our programs please fill out the form.

If you would like to sponsor a night please

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