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Help us Buy a Boat: Why it matters

Bring joy to children under cancer treatment, by providing a fun-filled day out on the waters, without doctors & needles. A day that brings hope and much needed R&R!

Support the Nautical Department with your donation and help us host many fun filled days.


Raise $100,000 to purchase a boat and nautical equipment we need to ensure a fun & safe experience for our children. Your donation can make the difference for so many!

The benefits of having a Nautical Department are priceless:

Teaching children about the wonders of our lakes and oceans and motivates them to learn about their world. It's one of the best ways they can learn about themselves and develop their interests, leading to future careers in engineering, biology, chemistry, and hundreds of other fields.

Children on Fishing Boat


Support the Nautical Department today and help us to raise the funds needed to make this a reality for our children fighting cancer!

Feel free to contact us, so we can work together to give our Children Fighting Cancer the best support possible while giving your Company the exposure it deserves for helping us out.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors!

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