Orientation Agenda

Your COST to Volunteer: Your time, transportation, costs/donation, and $7 dollars for a BASE Camp t-shirt or $15 for a polo. In order to defray our costs for volunteers’ shirts we ask you to buy your shirt

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Rules & Dress Code

  • No Alcohol, Smoking, Cursing, Sexual misconduct allowed
  • Dress for the occasion, most often we are casual. At BASE Camp events be sure to dress for your task; shorts, swim suit, etc.
  • Hospitals have their own dress code you must follow;
  • For Fundraising Events wear: BASE Camp Shirt, Clean long shorts, skirt, slacks

Possible Areas to Volunteer

BASE Camp Buddy

  • Identify children in your school who can benefit from BASE Camp programs
  • Share information of upcoming monthly camps and events that kids affected by cancer may attend individually or with a sibling or parent.

Send Birthday Cards

  • We need volunteers to send birthday cards to patients, siblings, and parents by phone or email each month.
  • Check on their needs and to let them know what BASE Camp is doing

Shifts at the BASE Camp office

  • We are open Monday through Friday 8am – 6pm
  • Shifts range anywhere from 4-8 hours
  • Volunteers typically work in office administration and do duties such as answering the phone, data entry, organize program supplies and in-kind donations.

Shifts at One of the Children’s Hospitals

  • You could work at Florida Children’s Hospitals or Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospitals & Clinics. Only for 18+ volunteers.
  • The work usually consists of 3 hour shifts. Possible shifts:
    • Monday or Thursday – breakfast Picnic In the Playroom @ FL Hospital Outpatient Clinic 8am – 11am
    • Monday or Wednesday Lunch 11am-2pm @ Arnold Palmer
    • Wednesday LUNCH 11am-2pm – APH MDAnderson outpatient clinic
    • Friday Dinner & A Movie 4pm – 8pm @ Arnold Palmer

BASE Camp Monthly Overnight Camp

  • Shifts go anywhere from 4 – 24 hours
  • The only chaperon rule; Have FUN and help the kids have FUN!
  • Our camps are GENERALLY 3rd weekend of each month Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday at local hotels; “camp out in the ballroom”

Food Basket – Groceries

  • Once a month we deliver a weeks worth of groceries to the neediest families
  • We deliver 30 – 50 boxes each month!

Milestone parties

  • BASE Camp delivers balloons & cake to celebrate the day!
  • Weekly “on call” celebration of milestone, patient birthday, ends of chemo, etc.
  • We need cake and cupcake cake sponsors; Publix, Albertsons, Mylar balloon sponsors

Fundraising Development, Marketing & Public Relations

  • Some events we do are 5k’s, Endurance, Miles for Smiles; participants get sponsors for their miles
  • Membership Drive; $95, $250, $500; Rachel@basecamp.org
  • School, Church, Small Business Liaison; Hat & Pajama Days, Dress Down
  • Event Coordinator; 3rd Party events; car wash, road block, etc.
  • Speakers Bureau; show video and speak on behalf of BASE Camp
  • Learn more about our fundraisers

Ready to help out?

  • Check out our calendar and contact us to get involved!
  • If you are available and want to attend, email us and sign up!
  • Thank you! We cannot run our programs without the help of volunteers
  • From the inception of our programs we have been dependent on volunteers to carry out our mission; to make a difference in the life of a child!