Family Programs

BASE Camp has been proudly serving our Central Florida families impacted by oncological and hematological illnesses since 1982. We offer a variety of support services to offer respite for our families through our nourishment and encouragement programs.

We offer programs to our families no matter where they are on their journey: from diagnosis to completion of treatment and celebrating the milestones in between.

Together we can conquer the climb… because kids can’t fight cancer alone!

Family Programs & Services

Second Wishes

Another program unique to BASE Camp is our “second wishes” program. Unfortunately, hundreds of children each year have a re-occurrence of cancer and are ineligible for receiving another once-in-a-lifetime wish. BASE Camp’s “Second Wishes” program gives those children another chance to see a special wish come true. You can grant one such wish here.

Hospital Meals

BASE Camp delivers meals every weekday to one of the two local hospitals, or one of the three outpatient clinics serving pediatric cancer patients. If you’re interested in delivering meals, click here.

Overnight Camp

BASE Camp’s monthly Overnight Camp is our main program, and our namesake. This one night monthly “camp” for children aged 5 to 15 years old is often combined with an activity that the whole family is invited to attend, one that’s is open to all ages. Here, children rest, eat, play, and gather with friends to gain the strength and encouragement to continue the journey and finish the climb! Check our calendar to find out when our next one will be.

Parent’s Night Out

We’ll watch the kids for a night, Mom and Dad. While you enjoy a night on the town with other parents, we provide games, activities, and entertainment to make for a fun night for the whole family.

Food Pantry

We collect non-perishable groceries, so that we can provide food for our families and give them one less thing to worry about. You can help by donating food.

Parent Support Group

BASE Camp coordinates parent support groups in the hospitals, clinics, and local restaurants to help parents cope through treatment and with the loss of a child. The Parent Support Group is part of our American Childhood Cancer Organization affiliation: an international support group for parents of children with cancer. Locally, we have a free monthly meeting held at various locations where childcare is provided.

Milestone Parties

One of our most loved programs is our series of Milestone Parties. These parties celebrate various milestones for children and their families, such as celebrating the end of chemo, post-surgery, a patient’s birthday, their sibling’s birthday, and more while the patient is in the hospital. Let us know what needs celebrating, and BASE Camp will bring the dessert and balloons!

Christmas in July

One Christmas a year just isn’t enough for families dealing with cancer and other hematological diseases. That’s why BASE Camp celebrates Christmas in July. Santa flies in all the way here from the North Pole to share gifts with the children for this special event.


Dress up in your suit and tie or put on your most dazzling gown for the annual BASE Camp prom! Dance the night away with friends and family. BASE Camp helps provide fancy apparel and makeup for its illustrious guests, making for a night to remember.