Help replace our old Van so we can continue to Serve & Love our Families who are Fighting Cancer.

Dear Friends,#keephoperolling
For over 35 years BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation has been humbly providing financial support, food, transportation, signature programs designed to fuel little fighters with hope and encouragement. And it’s been delivered unconditionaley with a hearty dose of joy and love to over 12,000 families in Central Florida.

Donate Now!!

BASE Camp compassionately serves over 200 families each and every day and sadly, those numbers continue to grow with Childhood Cancer on the rise. Although this non-profit operates on day-to-day donations, miraculously, they have never said “No” to a family in need.
But today, they have a very urgent need.
BASE Camp’s well loved van is about to reach it’s very last mile. For close to 20 years, this slow, steady and faithful vehicle has served our Littlest Cancer Warriors well. Over the smiles, tears, adventures and years our Van has:

  • Provided transportation to life saving medical treatments, like chemo and radiation, and making sure Families never missed a medical appointment.
  • Picked up “cargo”, or essentials needed host daily programs to 3 Children’s Hospitals 5 days a week including”: “Dinner and a Movie”, “Clinic Lunch and Love”, “End of Chemo” Milestone Parties and so much more!
  • Delivered food, supplies and unconditional support to families in their time of desperate need.

Transported the most precious cargo… our Children… to events that provide an escape from the hell they walk through and filled them with hope to continue to fight, like BASE Camp’s signature “Over Night Camps”, “Holiday for Heroes”, ongoing escapes and outdoor adventures….and for the little ones who may never get to experience a normal milestone : BASE Camp Proms, Christmas in July, early Birthday Celebrations and so much more.
For BASE Camp to continue to provide this level of on-going support that so many Families rely on and love, we need to replace our van. Clearly, our replacement van doesn’t have to be shiny and new. It doesn’t have to come with bells and whistles. It doesn’t need to be fast or fancy. It simply needs to be reliable and safe, and for the 200 Families who depend on our services every day…we need it NOW.
In the words of this Top Rated Charity’s Founder, Terri Jones, “A replacement van would mean that Base Camp can continue to deliver hope, miracles, medical attention along with a healthy dose of unconditional love for our Children who have already lost so much “.
Our plan is to raise funds to replace the current van in the next 30 days to guarantee “Hope keeps Rolling”. For every Child facing cancer; until there is a Cure, BASE Camp will be by their side….and with your help, we’ll be behind the wheel of our new van delivering meals, ensuring Kiddos get to treatment, and driving encouragement, hope up and unconditional love.
From all of the Families that BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation has served yesterday, today and tomorrow, Thank You for making a difference.

With love and gratitude for Keeping Hope Rolling for Caner Warriors,

BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation & our BASE Camp Kids