BASE Camp Volunteer FAQ

Are you passionate about helping your community and looking for a way to donate your gifts to a worthy cause? BASE Camp is always excited to see new faces in our team of incredible volunteers.


We’ve included some common questions about volunteering at BASE Camp below.

What does a volunteer at BASE Camp do?

The better question is, how do you want to volunteer? We have multiple ways you can give your time to help BASE Camp, so try and see which one is right for you.


Be a BASE Camp Chaperone

One of our favorite activities is our monthly overnight camp, held at local hotels where we “camp in the ballroom”! Chaperones can take shifts from anywhere between 4 – 24 hours. Our most important rule is that you and the campers have fun. Generally, we schedule our camping trips from noon Saturday to noon Sunday on the 3rd weekend of each month, but pay attention to our calendar to be sure!


Send Birthday Cards

Are you creative? Consider sending birthday cards to our BASE Camp patients, siblings, and family members by phone or email! Though it seems small, receiving a birthday card can brighten up anyone’s day.


Take Shifts at the BASE Camp Office

Do you have a talent for organization? Consider signing up for a clerical shift at the BASE Camp Office where we receive in-kind donations. By helping oversee our office administration, volunteers give their time with their data entry, phone reception, and organizational skills. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm.


Deliver Groceries Every Month

Like to drive? Once a month we deliver a week’s worth of groceries to our families most in need. We deliver 30-50 boxes a month, so there’s plenty to go around!


Celebrate Milestone Parties

One of our most loved programs is our series of Milestone Parties. These parties celebrate various milestones for children and their families, such as celebrating the end of chemo, post-surgery, a patient’s birthday, their sibling’s birthday, and more while the patient is in the hospital. Help BASE Camp bring the dessert and balloons!


And more!

How do I stay informed of other upcoming events at BASE Camp

Check our calendar, or better yet, sign-up for our volunteer newsletter! This, along with our social media, is the best way to keep yourself aware of our upcoming events.

Even just sharing our fundraising events on social media, or attending yourself, goes a long way towards making them a success and encouraging future events just like them!

What standards are required of all volunteers?

At BASE Camp, we put the needs of our young patients and their families first and foremost. This means we expect appropriate and respectful conduct from all of our volunteers, so that we can give the greatest assistance possible.

The following standards are expected of all our volunteers:

  • No Alcohol, Smoking, Cursing, or Sexual Misconduct
  • Please dress for the occasion. If you’re swimming, bring a swim suit; if you’re running around, wear shorts, etc. We’re usually quite casual.
  • Please follow hospital dress codes when visiting.
  • Dress for Fundraising Events in your BASE Camp shirt, and appropriately long (clean!) shorts, skirt, or slacks. We want everyone to know you’re a part of our team!
Are there any fees associated with volunteering?

In order to defray our costs for volunteers’ shirts, we ask you to buy your shirt: either $7 for a T-shirt, or $15 for a polo. Otherwise, your cost to volunteer is only your time, transportation, and any costs or donations you’d like to personally offer.

Can high school students earn service hours at BASE Camp for Florida Bright Futures?

Absolutely! As a non-profit organization, BASE Camp qualifies as an opportunity to earn service hours for the Florida Bright Futures. High school students interested in receiving service hours for their work at BASE Camp should provide documentation from their school for a BASE Camp representative to sign after completing their hours. Email us for more details.

If you’re a teenager interested in volunteering with us, why not join our Teen Board?

I’m interested in volunteering! How do I sign up?

We’re excited to have you! BASE Camp couldn’t run its programs without the help of volunteers like you. Fill out our Volunteer Application and you’ll be invited to our Volunteer Orientation. We look forward to seeing you there!